Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Makeup with Pilates

Imagine: Legs straightened, mascara in hand,
and location was the bathroom...
My parents and I are kind of obsessed with Pilates. And by obsessed, I mean that we are all instructors so we teach, take and talk about Pilates classes all the time! Recently, I've been trying to find a way to modify advanced exercises so that I can teach them in full classes! A full class is about 5-7 people. But I want to make it so that they are working toward something even better!

Well this morning I was getting ready for work. I'm used to being alone in the morning, but this morning C was late to school and both of my parents were up and about. But... since I'm used to being alone I left the bathroom door wide open while I was putting on my make up. And no... I wasn't just putting on my make up. I was trying to figure out the best modification for an exercise.

So as I was putting on my mascara, I was standing in front of the sink with my back to the door. I had my legs turned out and my feet about three feet apart. I had my arms extended out toward the side walls. With a very controlled motion, I was twisting slowly from side to side... Mascara in hand!

Little did I know that my Dad had walked downstairs and was watching me! I was caught and their was no way to hide it!

He asked what I was doing. My answer: Putting on my make up. He laughed and I had to follow up with what I was really doing....

Playing Pilates!

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