Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sick with a cold = Whiskey

Last week I caught a cold. I am just now getting over it. Of course I still kept my busy schedule of working two jobs, but whenever I got a spare moment, I spent it on the couch relaxing rather than working my brain and writing.

Sleep, my Dad says, is the one prescription that the doctor won't prescribe. I work for my Dad and Uncle in sales in the morning and then I teach Pilates in the evenings. My sleep was no problem. Sleep a full 8 hours at night and then rest in the afternoon. It was my voice that was the problem.

I made licorice tea to sooth my throat in the morning and then again to drink while I was teaching. By the end of teaching two classes the first day, I didn't have voice. I hate taking drugs and I avoid them at all costs, so the second day my mom told me to put whiskey in my tea.

What?! Evidently there is a reason there is alcohol in cough medicine. Hey, although the taste of licorice, honey and Jack Daniels was an odd flavor, it worked! Now every time I get a cold, shot glasses will be drying on the counter and the Jack Daniels might be missing ;)

I looked up some old cold remedies and found the following helpful link, be sure to check out number 5!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

My family usually finds the unconventional way to do things. We aren't quite normal. We can pass as normal, but when you look closely you will notice we don't quite follow the trend.

Example: some of my lunches in high school consisted of baked sweet potato and spaghetti squash. Yes my friends would look to see what my lunch was as soon as we got to the lunch table.

When I went to college, I went to classes, went to parties, went to fundraisers, joined a sorority... It was the people who were close to me that noticed the unusual. My roommates in my sorority house weren't too pleased when I started harvesting kefir, or when I left sauerkraut on my desk to ferment. Ok, this is all about food, but these are the only examples I can think of right now. This isn't a food blog! I'm just hungry.

So our unconventionalism may start with what we eat, but it carries through with how we take care of ourselves.

Anyways, I'm finished with college and living back at home. Stay tuned, meet my family (below) and get a closer look at my life :)