Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Diets vs. Summer Diets

Summer is around the corner and spring break season is already here! Granted, I don't get a spring break for the first time ever, but that doesn't mean bathing suit season isn't in the back of everybody's mind. Seasons are changing and so are diets, fitness schedules and tans.

I have now been graduated for a little over a year. In college it used to be a New Year's Resolution to eat salads and start going to the gym. Every year. But let's be realistic, everyone was just trying to get in a better body condition for Spring Break. This year has been different for two different reasons. The first is I actually found a work out routine that I love and so I don't have to force myself to show up at the gyms and debate the entire way there if I can just skip that day's work out. (I will probably talk more about this next Sunday) And the other reason is, now that I am not having my diet controlled by whatever the sorority fed me, I am easily eating healthier and what my body needs, when it needs it.

Summer Diet
The sorority was putting forth a nice effort to serve healthy food. But it is still different from what I chose to eat when I am on my own or at home. Plus, I've always hated that low fat or low carb diet. If I eat low fat then I get hungry again so quickly and end up eating three times as much as I would have just eaten the fat in the first place. The fat is what keeps you full! (Again a good topic for a future post)

I'm not talking about fat free today, instead want to talk about how the way people eat changes throughout the year... Or at least in my family's case. All winter I have been all about chicken soup, minestrone, chili, hot ham and cheese sandwiches and warm drinks... although lattes are a part of my diet year round. Everything has to do with my warmth. Fresh cut vegetables are just not appealing this time of the year.

It's not that I don't like vegetables. I love avocados, celery, tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegies. Wintertime just means I want them all cooked and served to me warm.

This week, however, things changed. My mom was making her fresh vegetable juice, which usually has no appeal to me, and I found myself stealing the celery she cut up. I even wanted a glass of the juice! Of course, she didn't share though. But it has been that way all week. I found myself craving salads, celery and avocados for the first time this year. The temperature is changing and I'm pretty sure my body's needs are too!

I used to think people changed their diets so that they could attempt a six pack for the summer... And by six pack I mean both kinds. But now my opinion has changed. I think that as the seasons change, our bodies have different needs, if you listen to your body you can see that there is a reason for your craving.

Winter Diet
Example: I am a huge chocolate craver. Did you know chocolate is high in magnesium? I started taking magnesium supplements and my chocolate intake went way down!

It's the same for everyday diets. And now the time has come for my summer diets! I am over eating salads that are full of mostly lettuce, no matter what the season... Ever since my braces, junior year of college, I decided that they just take too long to chew. But I like salads made from tons of veggies! And one of my favorite summer foods are avocados!... In every way shape and form! Guacamole or just freshly cut avocados with a sliced tomato, are both amazing!

Good thing I crave fresh food in the summer... Now I can eat the nutrition my body craves and have room for six packs ;)

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