Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big News!

Hey everybody!
Sorry it has been so long!!! I got really busy and knew I wouldn't be able to post for a while, but still temporarily left without explanation... Well I'm back! And boy do I have lots of news!

First, I'm helping my Mom open a small Pilates studio on the first floor of the "office house." (It's an old white victorian house and Dad's business is upstairs.) We are taking our time opening it since we have no rent, but all the new equipment (reformers, towers, chairs, balls, etc.) is set up and is so much fun to play with!

Which brings me to the second thing. I decided to learn to teach classical Pilates! The comprehensive training starts in the fall, so right now I'm just trying to fulfill my prerequisites. I'm taking classical apparatus classes every week and classical mat classes about every other week! I absolutely love it! There are so many new exercises that I had no idea that I could even do!

On the downside of the time I've been gone, I have skin cancer on my nose. I have been to the dermatologist many more times than I would have liked within the past month. It's a minor cancer, but it's on my face. This topic deserves a whole post on its own though... Don't worry, you will hear plenty about it soon! I am of course trying out a new natural remedy ;)

I bought a new car! Mom got a new car, Mom and Dad needed a car for my sisters to drive, and I liked my Mom's old stick shift. So I gave my car back to them for the girls to drive and bought my Mom's old Mini Cooper for the difference of the two cars' price! Took me about a week to finally get the hang of that stupid stick shift! And I can even start on an uphill incline!

A week ago, two days in a row, I couldn't get my car to go forward. I would be pressing the accelerator and the car would go vvvvvvrrrrrrrrrroooooooooommmmmmmmm, but I would be rolling backwards down the hill. I ended up having to back all the way down, start on flat ground and then practically run the stip sign at the top of the hill so that I didn't have to start the whole process all over again! Yes, I know. Not the safest way to drive, but I've learned how now!

And finally, I moved out! I finished unpacking a week ago, all I have left is hanging pictures. K helped put together my furniture, set up my TV and now gets to help me by holding the pictures against the wall as I figure out exactly where to put the nail! It has been a wirlwind! But the first round of bills is in just a week. When did I grow up?

Anyways, things are settled down enough that I will be blogging again! So stay tuned!


  1. hé, hé.. en Europe, en France, en l’occurrence, ont dit que les boîtes de vitesses automatiques sont faites pour les handicapés.. (sourire)

  2. hahaha I just translated this... are you saying that in France the disabled drive this car?!?! If so, good for them! I love it!

  3. WOW! A metallic blue Mini Cooper! I’m usually not an envious person, but I really love Mini Cooper and the color blue, and that’s why I can’t help but feel jealous of your new car. You made a good purchase! Happy driving!

    -Junior Perrera

  4. That’s a really nice color for a Mini Cooper! Just like Junior, I also get jealous with those people who own an MC, and there I wonder… when will I get one? Hahaha! I seriously need to work very hard so that I can buy that dream car of mine.

  5. Hmmm, did you not try telling your mom to just give her Mini Cooper to you for free? Haha! Because you know, you have this good mother-daughter relationship. ;) Anyhow, I just have to agree with what they said. I like the color of your MC. You have absolutely a great taste in cars!