Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trampoline in the dining room

We have a trampoline in our dining room. Ok, don't picture one of those huge outdoor ones, it's just a little one. But when it is where it is supposed to be, it is in the dining room.

I was going to write about the trampoline right before Thanksgiving, because every once in a while we get this bad idea to jump on it right after we eat (Yes I did this recently). But when I went in the dining room, it was gone. Was probably gone just because we had company coming over, and who wants to move after such a big dinner, much less jump.

I realized it was back in it's rightful place last night when I was lying on the couch and I could see my Dad jumping on it for a good five minutes, right after devouring his pizza. When he got off, he mumbled some comment about how his pizza was rolling around in his stomach. But sure enough, after the kitchen was clean, he got back on and jumped some more.

You might be asking yourself why we have a trampoline and why we keep it in the dining room. Well... despite what I've written so far, it's not so that we can jump off what we just ate. There is actually a health benefit!

When my Mom was sick with Lyme, it was hard for her to exercise, walk around, and she doesn't run (running has the same affect I am about to describe). The result: Since she was sick, her Lymph system was completely full. And since she had trouble moving around, practically was bedridden, she had no way to pump the toxins out of her body.

With the trampoline in the dining room she could bring herself to jump for only a couple minutes, if that. The action of the jumping made it so that her lymph nodes let go of some of the bacteria that it was holding onto and let it drain out of her system. The pounding of feet on the ground when you run has the same affect.

So obviously a trampoline is not necessary to keep the lymph moving. Just make sure you have some sort of daily activity that involves the feet pounding on the ground and your muscles working and you will keep the lymphatic system chasing the toxins away. We simply have a trampoline because when my mom was sick for, what was it? How many years? That became an easy way to help.

What do us kids use the trampoline for? Well, when we are running (or walking fast... not allowed to run in the house) we have perfected the art of taking one step on the trampoline and flying through the dining room. I think my littlest sister, 12 years old, has the best jump ;)

To learn more about the lymph system, visit the following link:
To learn more about draining the lymph system, visit the following link:

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