Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bathroom Chaos

Our sink is broken. The handle to turn the cold water on does not work. Luckily, the hot water takes quite a while to get hot, so the only time we struggle with this concept is when all five of us kids are trying to use the bathroom. We keep the water running and then can't cool it down. Usually my brothers and sisters get ready for bed an hour or two before me, so I don't have a problem. However, the other night, this was NOT the case.

I walked into the bathroom and it was chaos. I had a sister in the shower. Another sister using the sink and the two youngest in and out of the bathroom. The sink water was already getting hot, but still ok for me to wash my face, so my one sister moved to the side so I might finish in time.

I got my hands wet and splashed my face, sudsed up the soap and then started washing my face. When I went to rinse off my face, I almost burnt my hands off. Instead of water, steam was basically coming out of the faucet.
Photo thanks to Google images
(with me blinded and B hiding we have no actual photos)

"B! I have to was my face in the shower!"


"I'm going to burn my face off! Move! I'm coming in 5. 4..."

"Well don't look!"

"My eyes have soap in them! I can't see! 3... 2..." whip and I swung the curtain open.

I tried to wash my face in the shower faucet so that B could stand in the water, but ended up having to turn the water down and wash from the bathtub faucet. By this point it was only B in the shower scrambling to cover herself with the curtain and C at the sink (with no water) and we were all pretty much laughing.

We told Dad everything at the dinner table and finally used this story to convince my Dad to call the plumber. After a laughing fit he promised he'd call.

B's comment: "It was very uncomfortable."

The plummer came the next day!

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