Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Salt your napkins!

My Grandpa came to visit for Thanksgiving! Great Visit! I mean the oven broke right before we finished the mashed potatoes, but we got it working just long to finish them. Dinner was a hour late, but the company was a half hour late, so everything worked out. Except that we went out to eat the rest of Grandpa's visit.

Back in the day, my Grandpa was a beer salesman. He sold that business and now he owns a bar, just for fun. Beer has always been around.

We went out to dinner, however, and when he went to drink his beer, the napkin of course stuck to his beer. I took care of it... you know, took the napkin and salted it, then the beer doesn't stick anymore. My Grandpa stared out the napkin and then me, the napkin again and then me again like I had ants crawling out of my ears.

My mom and I started cracking up. You would think he would have known this trick or at least heard of it.

"I may have heard of it," he corrected, "doesn't mean I remember it."

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