Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Martini Saying

So today is my birthday. I celebrated with the family early, since my parents are out of town on the day. But tonight, for my celebration, I went out with a couple good friends, and of course K, to the cheesecake factory. Martinis and cheesecake... at least that is exactly what I had!

I ordered a martini that hasn't been on the menu since before I was 21. I tried it because it's my mom's favorite... and although I've strayed, I've never found another flavor that compares: The key lime martini! It's amazing! The bartender always remembers how to make it!!! Nobody has ever said no! And, of course, I had an amazing piece of cheesecake... the leftovers will last for several days!

Anyway, as I was drinking my second martini, I wanted to be sure my friends knew "the saying." At least that's what I thought it was. I've realized over time that sometimes the "sayings" that I know (if I can say them right), aren't always a "sayings" that others know.

So for all of you, here it is, as my parents have told me since before I drank in public... or even before I was in high school:

"Martinis are like boobs. One is not enough. Three are too many!"

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  1. You got it right!! They're not on the menu anymore???? I never even look at the menu!! Haha!