Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feathers in my Hair

Things have been pretty normal around the household lately, so this week you get to meet MY bird!...
Meet Harry! 

Just kidding!

Meet Kirki :)

If you ever see any little blue feathers sticking out from under my hair, it's probably not an earring... It's probably my bird.

He loves neck scratches!
He's a parrotlet, also known as a "pocket parrot." He's small, he's quiet and he could fit in my pocket! Therefore, when he climbs up my arm, onto my shoulder, and then sits on my scarf, so that he can be completely buried in my hair to stay warm, you can barely even tell he's hiding.

K said that I'm like those celebrities that carry their dogs around in their purses... Only I carry my bird around in my hair! (Thank goodness there is a difference! Please don't compare me to Paris Hilton!)

There is a reason he sits on my shoulder 90 percent of the time! It's his favorite spot. Once, K tried to have Kirki sit on his perch, and instead the little guy sat on K's keyboard until K picked him up. And of course, as soon as he was picked up, he ran up to the shoulder and sat there quite contently... minus the fact that K doesn't have hair to burrow in.

Thank goodness he is so small that even when he sits on my scarf, his eye level is below mine! Otherwise, sitting on my shoulder so often would lead him to believe that he was my boss!

It's a bird thing!

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