Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleep vs. Sleep Deprivation

Me at the Madrid train station
I'm laying here with a pillow and a blanket sooo tired. Last weekend I was in Chicago for my friend's birthday and therefore didn't post on here. Now today, I'm just exhausted from last night. (I went to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture show with a whole bunch of crazies!)

While I have been laying here, wishing I was sleeping, I've researched several future posts, but nothing that I'm ready to complete or post today. What is written, I don't even like yet.

I  finally decided to pick a whole new topic all together! I typed into my google search, "sleep benefits."

Like brother, like sister... J can sleep anywhere!
Here is what I've found (This list is kind of boring and predictable... So if you want to get to the good stuff, skip to the second list!):

1.  Sleep helps reduce stress. (Duh! I get so high strung when I'm sleep deprived.)

2.  Sleep can help you lose weight. This is due to the fact that it helps control your hormones. (Wonder if the hormones have anything to due with my stress)

3.  Sleep decreases inflammation. Lack of sleep causes stress. Stress causes inflammation. Therefore, sleep eliminates inflammation.

4.  Sleep helps control a body's chemicals and thus also reduces the risk for depression.

5.  Sleep gives the body time to repair itself. 

6  Sleep improves your memory and can make you smarter.

7.  Sleep keeps your heart healthy. No heart attacks or strokes!

8.  Sleep may help prevent Cancer.

9.  Sleep makes you more alert. (Again, Duh! I'm no longer sleep walking!)

S can sleep anywhere too!
While looking through repetitive articles all listing the same health benefits from sleeping, I came by a hilarious and creative countdown of 10 benefits from sleep deprivation (Seriously, you should read the original article! I didn't write everything down here, since I didn't want to steal the whole thing.):

10.  Sleep deprivation allows you to speak your mind.

9.  Sleep deprivation provides more time for productivity.

8.  Sleep deprivation lets your family see your emotional side.

7.  Sleep deprivation can lead to lack of rationality, which can lead to creativity.

6.  Sleep deprivation gives you excuses to try gourmet coffee.

5.  Sleep deprivation provides you with an excuse to nap.

4.  Sleep deprivations gives you a free pass when you forget important information.

3.  Sleep deprivation allows you to fast forward through boring situations

2.  Sleep deprivation can give you a pretty good buzz by the end of the day.

1.  You can see the sunrise and the sunset in one day!

To read this hilarious blogpost, which, like I said, is 100x funnier than my summary, visit the following link:

To read more about the health benefits of sleeping, just google "health benefits."

But for now, Goodnight!

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